Exclusive: Aircraft emergency caused by passenger not putting phone on airplane mode

An emergency landing of a plane with a faulty landing gear has resulted the public being slammed after one of the passengers failed to put their phone on airplane mode.

“We just need everyone to trust us on this,” said a representative for the aircraft manufacturer, “you all need to turn your phones onto airplane mode so it doesn’t interfere with any radio signals or any of the barely hanging on mechanical parts of the plane”

“You may be tempted to say our planes are badly maintained and vital broken parts are part of daily life for airlines but we promise 100% of aircraft faults are caused by one person doing the wrong thing. So make sure you phones aren’t able to livestream anything that goes on during the flight, unless you pay for our heavily restrictive WIFI for $20 a minute”

The NSW government has announced potentially banning phones and recording devices on any aircraft that lets politicians into exclusive secret clubs.

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