Single mother on rent assistance ecstatic to read she’s a ‘budget winner’ thanks to getting up to 12 whole dollars to combat her $150 rent increase

Local single mother on rental assistance, Jane Smith has been seen jumping for joy after reading in every federal budget related news article that she is a ‘winner’ in this year’s budget because she can get up to a whopping $12.50 a week to go towards her rent which rose by $150 a week.

“God it feels so good to be a winner,” she sung while spinning around in a field of flowers, “I thought having barely enough to survive would be a problem but according the news life is now good for me. What a relief.”

“But I do empathise with those who the media have deemed as ‘losers’ like the extremely wealthy. Poor things, they don’t get this fat stack of coins, all they get is thousands in tax cuts. I hope they are alright.”

“Hold on I just got a text from my landlord… he claims there was a typo in my rent rise notice and it’s actually going up by $162.50 saying there is nothing stopping him…. What was I saying? Oh yeah. Woo, yeah, I love being a winner!”

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