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Morrison says he’d never resort to lying for political gain “like that kitten-hater Albanese”

Prime Minister and fact-checker employment generator Scott Morrison has defended himself against suggestions he lies when it’s politically advantageous saying that’s more the go of “king kitten-hater” Anthony Albanese.

Morrison says the perception he tells the odd lie to unfairly smear his political opponents has been perpetrated by the Opposition Leader “when he takes a break from yelling at bunny rabbits.”

“Sure, I may have been a bit loose with the truth with the Hawaii holiday, electric vehicles, climate change, the Shanghai Sam stuff, being at the front of the queue for vaccinations, and whether I have ever told a lie in public office… but at least I don’t crush baby turtles for fun like Albo.”

Anthony Albanese has hit back at the “kitten-hater” claims in trademark fashion by strongly affirming that Labor is yet to release its official position on its hatred or otherwise of young cats, but will do so in due course.

He has remained suspiciously quiet on the whole turtles thing though.


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