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Mass shock as famous tennis player turns out to be an unlikable tool
Who could have forseen this
Thousands of naughty kids injured after Santa replaces coal with wind turbines
It's environmentally sustainable carnage
Morrison horrified after learning personal responsibility applies to him too
I don't wear a hat mate
Dan Andrews slams “Dictator Dan” for forcing him into isolation
Typical dictator behaviour
Morrison says corruption should only be investigated using “the honesty system”
It's not like a corrupt politician would ever be dishonest or anything
Alan Jones shifts to new platform of yelling opinions at strangers in the supermarket
He will reach far more people than he did at Sky News
Greg Hunt retires from politics to catch up on missed emails from pharmaceutical companies
He has responded to each of Craig Kelly's texts though
PM finally given some responsibility in National Cabinet by taking over the coffee run
He couldn't possibly stuff that up
Social media troll maintains anonymity by donating $1 million to a minister’s blind trust
Every twitter user is now being run by a blind trust
Morrison says he’d never resort to lying for political gain “like that kitten-hater Albanese”
Labor says it is yet to release its official policy position on its hatred or otherwise of young cats
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