Local woman convinced that misogyny is no longer a problem thanks to man shouting “Not All Men” every time she talks

Local woman Kate Stranger has completely had her entire perspective on life changed after a man interrupted every fucking word she said by going “Not all men”

“I was saying how I am sick of the way some men treat women,” she recounted, “and Kyle just started yelling ‘not all men’ at me. Which obviously just made me realise that misogyny isn’t a problem anymore.”

“Here I was thinking about how the constant news stories about violence against women and my own personal experiences with men not respecting or listening to me; but Kyle made sure I knew that he would never disrespect a woman or not hear her out… Yeah, clearly he is right about that and luckily he is the only man on the planet, so problem solved.”

“Silly me, how could I not realise that the real victims here are the men who have to live in fear of women talking about their genuine fears of being killed. But gosh, these men are clearly too emotional sometimes, it’s hard to take them seriously.”

“I can’t remember much else from the conversation because I spent the next two hours screaming internally about well everything. I need a nap.”

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