Bears speak out against unfair comparison to men

In the wake of the recent viral trend, bear community leaders are calling on humans to stop comparing them to men.

“We hardly ever kill anyone and even when we do, it’s usually because a human male was doing something they weren’t supposed to. Like to going near our kids or trying to shoot us!”

“Comparing us to human men is deeply insensitive, do you know the number 1 cause of bear deaths? Men! You think we’re safe alone with them?”

“We actually do our best to stay away from humans and now you’re implying we’re some less dangerous version of them? It’s unacceptable and prejudiced!”

“At the very least we view women as humans and we don’t harm the females in our own families which is more than I can say for some of you!”

Bear representatives have warned that defamation proceedings could follow if they continued to be compared to such vicious animals.

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