Sky News suddenly turns against millionaires the moment an Indigenous teen becomes one

Support group for rejected Batman villains, Sky News has come under fire after Karl Stefanovic’s understudy Peter Stefanovic attacked 19 year old Keegan Payne after he won a million dollars in a fishing competition.

“Oh so you think you deserve all this money,” said the man who has a tv hosting gig because of his family, “well I have it on good authority that you did something bad once, when you were a kid which has since been forgiven, and no matter how much you may have grown since then I think it is important to point out so our racist viewers know to hate you.”

“Normally when someone gets millions of dollars, we celebrate it and whatever tax avoidance or other crimes they may have committed. But this time is different. We should be redistributing your wealth.”

“I mean, you talk about buying a car and helping your parents pay off their mortgage with the money, clearly you’re too reckless. Instead it should be going to cocaine, yacht parties and lawsuits designed to intimidate accusers, like a respectable person would do.”

In response to Stefanovic’s rant, the Sky News PR team pulled out their fill-in-the-blank apology for racism, before reassuring their core audience that it will happen again.

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