Man insists support for lockdown is unrelated to forgetting to buy Valentine’s gift

As Victorians prepare for the 3rd installment of the lockdown series, some men in Victoria have shown some extra strong support for the lockdown which they claim has nothing to do with Sunday being Valentine’s Day. While many people around the state are trying to figure out what they need for the 5 days, these men are preparing for the moment when they tell their partners over zoom that the lockdown has not only left them ‘unable to gift them the Valentine’s gift they had planned’ it also means they will not be able to ‘go on the date they had definitely organised’. “This year I was going to make it a special one,” said Barry from Melbourne who says he definitely didn’t only learn today that Valentine’s is on Sunday. “It’s been ruined now by this whole lockdown thing. What a shame, I mean this news is just devastating. Gosh darn that Dictator Dan, when will his reign of terror end. Gahhh.” “Yea it really sucks babe,” local dropkick Darren Datsun was heard telling his partner over Zoom. “I know you really look forward to this day every year, and umm I mean we do. It sucks I couldn’t even grab the gift I definitely had planned to get you. I mean that’s covid for ya I guess, what can you do? What do you mean why am I smiling?” Meanwhile in the rest of Australia, men are definitely not reacting to posts like this one thinking ‘oh shit, that’s this week?’ while their partners are definitely not secretly worried that he forgot about it.

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