‘Do your own research’ guy now posting “if you don’t know, vote no”

Local man Greg Tinhatmen, who spent the last 3 years posting conspiracy theories claiming viruses aren’t real and medical masks are dangerous, has begun hourly posts on social media about how important it is to completely avoid ‘doing research’ in the lead up to the voice referendum.

“Absolutely do not do your own research before voting on a constitutional change,” said the man who previously protested against science because of information he saw in a blog on the 7th page of Google, “it is not only your right as a citizen but your responsibility to stay as uniformed as possible. Do NOT listen to anyone who tries to inform you on what is really going on.”

“All you need to know is that there is a big scary advisory body with no power coming that plans to use that lack of power to steal your house and divide the country by race for the communists. If you try to find out more all you will get is brainwashing from the constitutional experts who say that what I said isn’t true.”

“This is just a chance to bring race into the constitution, of which I have not read, and you shouldn’t either! Finding out the truth is what they want you to do, it’s like something out of 1984!”

Following the posts, three major news networks have already reached out to Greg offering him their platforms to completely uncritically spread his message of staying uniformed to potential confused voters who look to the media for information.

With one journalist explaining, “the last thing anyone would want the media to do in this debate is focus on the arguments based in reality, instead we feel it is of the utmost importance to completely platform fearmongers over and over again, as they provide way better clickbait than those boring experts.”

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