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Crown competitor spruiks untampered pokies that boast amazing .00001% chance of win

Crown casino competitor The Star has started a a social media advertising campaign today, boasting that unlike Crown casino their pokie machines are completely un-tampered and legal whilst in Australia. The legal pokie machine gives the customer what the Star is describing as “the best odds in Australia” with a whopping .00001% chance of winning any feature over $4.50.

“Our generous 99.9999% is the lowest possible odds you have of losing all your money, and some of your partners as well. You’ll also have a 100% chance of getting a free drink and a cold sausage roll, and who can put a price on that?”

“If your looking to lose all your money and walk home defeated feeling bad about yourself, a little bit later in the night, un-tampered pokies are the pokies for you.”


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