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Confused Andrew Bolt fan votes Yes after hearing claims that the voice will ‘bring apartheid to Australia’

Local Sky News viewer Darren Jones has excitedly told reporters that he voted Yes on the referendum encouraging others to do the same explaining that his idol Andrew Bolt claimed that a yes vote would ‘bring apartheid to Australia’.

“This entire debate has been fuelled by foreign elites who want to divide us and sow racist fear,” said the man who only gets his information from Murdoch owned outlets, “we need to stand up to them and vote yes to our own security and self determination as a country moving forward together.”

“I have been a diehard yes voter since the moment Andrew Bolt said it would enshrine apartheid into our constitution. I mean what better endorsement than to hear that from the man himself? Finally, we can be the change we want to see in this country.”

“Normally I would say to do your own research, but in this case don’t. Just trust Bolt and vote Yes. When has he ever lied about anything racism related?”


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