Bruce Lehrmann sues Bruce Lehrmann for defamation

In an extraordinary move, alleged rapist Bruce Lehrmann has filed a defamation lawsuit against former political staffer Bruce Lehrmann.

The case study for entitled privileged insecure men told the courts that his reputation has taken a serious hit following the Channel 7 personality’s testimony during the lawsuit against Lisa Wilkinson which he chose to bring forward.

The plaintiff’s lawyers told  reporters that they are feeling pretty confident with the case after seeing how badly Lehrmann falls apart on the stand.

“Everything Bruce Lehrmann has said and done in the last few years has made me look terrible,” claimed Bruce Lehrmann, “I can not allow this to go on any longer. Justice must be served.”

“I mean just look at what he has already admitted to. His constant lies to Channel 7, to the government and allegedly to the police have made me out to look like some sort of liar who has something to hide. I mean he just cant keep his story straight, how can anyone believe a word he says?”

“These lies have really upset me, but also I have never heard the lies…. Wait no, I mean… ahh.. I don’t recall.”

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