Celebrity reactions to The Chaser’s 25th Birthday

Today marks 25 years since the launch of the first edition of The Chaser newspaper in 1999. To celebrate such an important moment in the history of the world, some celebrities have given us some very special messages:

“You turned how old? Never talk to me again. I think I might throw up.”
Leonardo DiCaprio

“We take responsibility for The Chaser surviving 25 years.” 
– Al Qaeda

 The Onion

“We need a royal commission into this outlet, shut it down!”
 Rupert Murdoch

“I grew up in a single parent household so I know what it’s like doing it tough, and as such my position on The Chaser is whatever the focus groups think.”
– Anthony Albanese

“These comedians are a threat to society and should be locked up on Nauru.”
– Peter Dutton

“They should go back to where they came from!” 
– Pauline Hanson

“The Chaser should not go back to where they came from.”
 The ABC

*Gargling noises*
 Harold Holt

“This is my Oppenheimer moment.”
– Andrew Denton

“Cracked Pepper?”
– Cracked Pepper Guy

“Can I leave the basement now please?”
 The Intern Writing This Article

“I prefer dogs.”
– Chris Kenny

“No, you can not say that.”
– Our Lawyers

“I think The Chaser team should celebrate with a nice driving tour of Paris.”
 King Charles the Third

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