Ben Roberts-Smith cheers self up following court loss by kicking a farmer off a cliff

War Criminal, Bully and Murderer Ben Roberts-Smith has distracted himself from the pain of losing his defamation case against Fairfax Media by indulging in his favourite pastime; kicking farmers off a cliff.

“Oh boy I just love war crimes,” Roberts-Smith told the press outside the court today. “Can’t get enough of civilian screams.”

The Channel 7 News boss went on to say that he was disheartened by the court’s ruling, but was kept going by the knowledge that he has many other ways to try hide the truth like burying it in a Dora lunchbox, burning it or having Channel 7 report on the issues.

“This will completely ruin my reputation,” explained the alleged-war hero, “The idea that people could think of me as some sort of evil war criminal instead of just a man who drank beer from a dead person’s prosthetic leg while partying with a mate in a Klan hood is deeply concerning.”

Following the loss, Roberts-Smith is forced to return to 7 News while he awaits potential criminal charges, where he is tipped to be Kochie’s replacement on Sunrise with the backing of Kerry Stokes.

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