Science students name Seinfeld as fashion icon of the century

For years it has been debated amongst physicists, chemists and rock mechanics. Just who is the style icon who has guided scientists disciplines to the fashionista status they now enjoy?

Seinfeld has made white sneakers a must-wear for all scientists, and a must-not-wear for everyone else

Finally, there is an answer. The influential New Scientist magazine has named comedian Jerry Seinfeld as the most influential figure in shaping the Science Nerd Look favoured by gifted young scientific thinkers the world over.

“Innocuous jeans in a light shade of denim teamed with white sneakers has become a kind of uniform among our most promising science students,” said New Scientist fashion editor Henri Becquerel, who co-ordinated the survey of more than 14,000 university science students. “This uniform is a kind of calling card that says to those in the know ‘I am handsome, I am confident, I understand wave-particle duality’.”

The accessories company Caribee was named the most influential fashion brand, for its range of practical and sturdy backbacks which no self-respecting, design-conscious first-year chemistry student would be seen without in public.

“Whether you are walking from your parent’s house to the train station, or simply playing Daytona between lectures, a large, unwieldy backpack with a faux-surf design is the perfect accompaniment,” Becquerel said. “These bags are an ideal way to carry that heavy copy of Molecular Driving Forces: Statistical Thermodynamics in Chemistry & Biology without compromising on style. And there will still be oodles of room left over for a bottle of Powerade, a sloppy joe and a ham sandwich.” Bequerel tipped the College, Java, Aquaflex, El Paso and Cisco daypacks as models to watch for the coming season.

The character Screech from the 1980s sitcom Saved by the Bell also received a special commendation in the souvenir edition of New Scientist magazine, for his blah hairstyle and shapeless, oversized shirts.

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