Hamish McDonald shocked to learn he is actually the host of Q&A, not just a viewer

After yet another frustrating episode of ‘two white guys (only on the show because of their connections) talk over experts for an hour’ or ‘Q& A’ as it is officially called, ‘host’ Hamish McDonald has responded to criticism of his lack of enforcing structure on the show by “Ohhh I am supposed to be the host? Whoops.”

“I had no idea I was meant to be hosting,” said the guy who has led the p’must watch show’ to a point where most people didn’t notice it changed day.

“How did that happen?” said Mr McDonald. “I just thought I had front row seats. No wonder the show has been shit for like the last year. I kept thinking they just hadn’t found a new host yet.”

“I would get so annoyed watching the show I kept standing up out of frustration. No wonder I was never kicked out. I’d see these assholes just spouting nonsense and talking over the people who actually know what they are talking about, and I would be thinking about how someone needed to tell them to shut up and stop spreading misinformation. Now I realise it was meant to be me doing that. My bad everyone.”

“This is a lot to take in, like why me? I don’t know if I am fit to host this show. Hell even Tom Ballard did a better job and controlling the conversation than I ever could. Me hosting QandA would like putting a Sky News host in charge of Insiders or something. Wait What?”


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