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ISIS claims responsibility for all bad driving done by dickheads
"Every time someone side swipes your mirrors, that's ISIS"
Turnbull wishing he was a citizen of another country right now
The Prime Minister was seen filling out an application for New Zealand citizenship just minutes ago
Crown competitor spruiks untampered pokies that boast amazing .00001% chance of win
"Those are some great odds."
Outrage as rigged machines revealed to be slightly more rigged
"From now on I'll only be spending my money on psychic hotlines."
Turnbull criticises Howard for not putting gun ownership to plebiscite
"It was cowardly and selfish"
Howard takes victory lap around the city following latest mass shooting
"You're all alive because of me" he shouted smugly at passing Greens voters
Man declares best way to celebrate free speech is through hate speech
"It's my duty and my honour."
Talking snake revealed as latest spokesman for ‘No’ campaign
"This should win them over"
Reporter somehow improves journalism by stalking victim’s grieving relatives
"This just in, turns out they're upset."
Tony Abbott “If you hate your invasive thoughts of naked men that you get hourly, vote no on plebiscite”
"Or if you just like being a jerk towards gay people, that's also a perfectly valid reason."
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