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Man declares best way to celebrate free speech is through hate speech
"It's my duty and my honour."
Talking snake revealed as latest spokesman for ‘No’ campaign
"This should win them over"
Reporter somehow improves journalism by stalking victim’s grieving relatives
"This just in, turns out they're upset."
Tony Abbott “If you hate your invasive thoughts of naked men that you get hourly, vote no on plebiscite”
"Or if you just like being a jerk towards gay people, that's also a perfectly valid reason."
New documentary released ‘A look back at Diana : 1000 documentaries ago’
The documentary takes a look back at the thousand documentary pieces that have defined and redefined Diana's life
Local Man starts planning next holiday after saving up 14 dollars in bank account
"After all that stress of paying off the last holiday off I really deserve a bit of rest and relaxation."
Foreign bludger caught rorting government of $30 million welfare despite secret billions
It's a national disgrace
Surfing really helps clear man’s mind of any thoughts that aren’t about sharks
"I feel like I'm getting back to nature, as if I could be eaten by an apex predator any moment."
Escaped orangutans temporarily double Perth literacy levels
"Dem orange monkey gonna be our nex premier"
Relaxing hour of meditation spent remembering every mistake ever made
"I went on a spiritual journey to the time I called the teacher mum."