Trump slams US government: ‘Whoever is in charge is an idiot’

Donald Trump has lashed out at the US government, telling Fox News that “whoever is in charge of the place must be a total whack job. I mean, who is running the place? It’s sad. Very sad. Personally, I blame Barack Obama.” Speaking from the Oval Office, Donald Trump told Fox News that the Government was in total chaos. He said he would make it his personal mission to find out out who was suppose to be in charge, and when he did, he would impeach them, or even lock them up. Mr Trump gave himself an ‘A’ for his performance in the past month, and said it was everyone else’s fault if they didn’t think that he deserved an ‘A’. But he said that whoever was in charge deserved an ‘F’. “If it were up to me, they’d be fired by now,” he told Fox News. During the interview, Mr Trump talked out about some of the things he had learnt in the past month while staying at the White House with whoever it was who was in charge. He said that he had made an astonishing discovery: that the Federal Government is a complex organisation, which requires discipline and focus to run. He said that explained why the Government was in disarray. “They should give the job to me,” he said. “I’d show them how to do it. I’m very good at running things. Excellent. Really top notch.” Mr Trump said that he was hoping to meet with whoever was in charge in the coming days and give them a piece of his mind. Steve Bannon was unavailable for comment.

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