Shock across US after rich white guy might be held accountable for his actions

For the first time in US history, a rich, white has been threatened with consequences for his actions.

In a break with over two centuries of precedent, the rich white guy faces the prospect of being punished for a crime he committed.

“It crosses a huge line in American politics and American legal history,” said Jack L. Goldsmith, a Harvard Law professor. “The whole basis of the American political system has been centred around the idea that rich, white guys shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions.”

The news has sent all sides of politics into a spin, with constitutional scholars unsure what will happen if rich white guys start getting held accountable for their actions. “It opens the floodgates,” said one expert. “If we start punishing rich white guys for their crimes, then the entire justice system will be very quickly swamped with cases.”

“And anyway, the entire justice system is run by rich white guys. If they start being held accountable for their crimes, there’ll be no one left to run the system. It’s completely unworkable.”

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