After learning of Hitler’s gas chambers, Sean Spicer is unsure if he likes Hitler anymore

After Sean Spicer’s big day of learning about how Hitler used chemical warfare in an attempt to commit genocide of Jewish people, Spicer claims he’s, “not quite as enamoured of Hitler anymore, to be honest, his actions seem a bit over the top.”

“Oh my golly gosh, how many million do you say?” “So when all those people were comparing Trump to Hitler that wasn’t a good thing, or wait, was it?” Spicer who had always admired Hitler’s organisational ability, military prowess and orating skills, declared he was “a little down in the dumps to learn of all those bad things that he had done.” Spicer says he will be choosing his political heroes more cautiously before adding them to his current list of heroes. “I won’t admire anyone by Mao, Mussolini and George W. Bush ever again”

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