Yes23 under internal pressure to actually launch a ‘Yes’ campaign

Following polls that show support for the Voice to Parliament has fallen below 50%, advocacy group Yes23 is now facing pressure both externally and internally to actually consider launching a ‘Yes’ campaign.

If successful, the push would see a massive departure from their current strategy of just tweeting images of their ‘Yes’ logo and hoping that people vote ‘Yes’ purely because they don’t like Peter Dutton.

“We don’t need a grassroots campaign educating voters,” said a Yes23 spokesperson, “we just need to get big business to endorse us. Our campaign took a hit when we couldn’t get former cop Dutton to approve of the Voice, but we will be ready to rake in the voters when equally beloved groups like major banks, grocery chains that caused the cost of living crisis and Qantas endorse our push.”

“I mean when has Qantas ever lost anything?”

“Also, where has this idea that we haven’t launched a campaign even come from? We have done loads of stuff from a photo-op with Albanese and Shaq ten months ago to announcing that Shaq would make be the voice of ads for the Voice ten months ago. Seriously how much more is there to do?”

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