“Why would we possibly need to enshrine Indigenous representation?” asks Former Indigenous Affairs Minister Abbott

Former Prime Minister and old racist statue who wished to be a real fuckwit, Tony Abbott has slammed the proposal for a referendum on a First Nations Voice to Parliament saying he is concerned by the suggestion that the current system for representation needs to change, citing his own experience from when he dubbed himself the Minster for Indigenous Affairs.

“The system works fine,” said the former PM who claimed that the First Fleet was good for First Nations people, “they already have a voice through people like myself. And as a former Minister for Indigenous Affairs, I am certain that I can talk on their behalf when I say the real people we need to hear more from are the police who routinely murder them.”

“If people really want an enshrined First Nations Voice, I should be that voice. No one could represent some of the problems First Nations people face in this country more than myself.”

On top of enshrining his Voice to Parliament, Abbott also suggested enshrining a ‘Murdoch Voice’, a ‘Channel 7 Voice’ and a ‘Proud Boys Voice’ to Parliament.

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