Newly unemployed Kathryn Campbell can’t believe how terrible Centrelink is

A newly unemployed middle-aged woman has bravely spoken out on Centrelink’s outdated, punitive system after recently applying for unemployment benefits.

“This system is awful! I can’t believe how hard it is to even sign up, it’s like we don’t want to give any help to unemployed people!” she lamented.

The former public servant, Kathryn Campbell, appeared today outside the Bondi Junction office to proclaim the government needed to change the way it views job seekers.

“I’m being treated like a criminal! It’s wrong! I’m not a dole bludger I just need a bit of help until I find more work, you don’t understand!

“I just spent two hours on hold only to be told I had to use the online portal which crashed and my local office told me the person I needed to speak to wasn’t in til next week, its ludicrous.”

“Apparently I have to go to every job interview they put on my job plan even though some of them are a two hour drive away and accept any offer I’m given. What about my autonomy or choices?!” she exclaimed.

“Not only that but all of my reporting has to be true and accurate or apparently there’ll be financial penalties! In all my years working in the senior ranks of the government I’ve never had to do that!”

Campbell also says the JobSeeker rate is far too low and isn’t in line with inflation or interest rates.

“I don’t know if any of you know this but there’s actually quite a bit of rising costs of living, I just don’t know how anyone’s supposed to live on this income.”

“I’m sorry to say it’s really taking a toll on my mental health, it’s like I’m one mistake away from being completely destitute.”

Campbell is due to start work next week as a real estate agent, due to her experience misleading rooms full of people on important decisions.

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