Moira Deeming kicked from Victorian Liberals for bigotry and defamation threats, joins Federal Liberal Party

Disgraced Victorian MP Moira Deeming has been booted from the Victorian Liberal Party for threatening to sue the party leader for acknowledging her association with neo-nazis while attending an anti-trans rally, with Deeming now finding her new home in the Federal Liberal Party.

“What a get,” said a party insider, “she is exactly the kind of person we are looking for. Between the bigotry, gaslighting and defamation action; I think she has what it takes to become the future opposition leader.”

“It deeply concerns me that the woke brigade have cancelled Deeming,” said Opposition Leader Dutton, “as a former QLD Cop myself I find the notion that hanging around white supremacists is a ‘bad’ for a politician to do deeply concerning.”

“Plus defamation threats are the most fun you can have as a politician, besides of course drowning a bag of puppies. Removing someone for that is nonsense. She is as much of a monster as I am and I am not one according to my wife.”

Meanwhile the Victorian Liberal Party have clarified that their position saying, “we made it very clear last election that we are more than happy to associate with nazi groups, we just draw the line at legal threats against our own kind. We have enough legal issues with Tim Smith’s driving.”

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