Budget relief: Government steps in to save struggling landlords wanting to negatively gear their 4th property

Sighs of relief have been heard around the country clubs tonight, as Labor announced plans to help those struggling most right now; landlords wanting to negatively gear yet another investment property.

“Finally, a government thinking about the little guy,” said local investor Gregory Richbone the 4th. “I was worried that in order to buy my 4th investment property I would need to take out a loan, on the new yacht but luckily now I will be able to find the money to buy it outright.”

“You know I was really worried about how I would survive in these conditions, you see I already lifted my rent by $200 and have to wait a little bit before I can raise it again. But now luckily I will be getting the support to tie me over until the stage three tax cuts give me a major boost.

Meanwhile a local renter was devastated to hear that “the first surplus in 15 years” is not accepted by their landlord as payment.

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