Young people using old-age filter in photo app in desperate bid to get government assistance

Struggling young people have responded to the government’s refusal to offer assistance to them by coming up with desperate measures to trick the government into thinking they are over 55 meeting the new requirements for deserving food and shelter.

While some young people have tried simple techniques like getting a fake ID or posting low resolution screenshots of Facebook memes onto other social media platforms to trick the government into thinking they are a boomer hoping to get to negatively gear a property, some have modernised their efforts in trying to get the government to care about their existence.

“Normally the only thing politicians care about from young people is getting rent paid on time,” said James, a 22 year old student working two jobs, “but once I turned on the old-age face filter they just assumed I owned multiple properties and actually cared that I exist.”

Meanwhile other unemployed young people have taken a drastically different route by trying the more traditional technique of having three of them stack on top of each other in a giant trench coat as they approached centrelink hoping to get a JobSeeker rate that they can actually survive on.

Some desperate young people have tried a different route and legally changed their name to “Military Industrial Complex” in a bid to have billions thrown their way.

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