Musk furious to learn that clicking on X keeps closing pages

Elon Musk is fuming tonight thanks to a widespread issue with his new company logo.

“Look, I’m really happy that I’m seeing it in the top right hand corner of every page, image, video and application, that’s the kind of engagement I want,” wrote Musk in a company wide email. “But if I go to our website, clicking on the logo just closes the page. That’s the exact opposite of what we’re going for! This email alone took me hours to write!”

“I know my genius can be hard to follow and I forgive you all for this mistake, but I will need you to fix it immediately or I will be forced to terminate you.”

Musk is also expected to ban account names with the letter x, ‘It’s a slur unless I say it” and is reportedly in talks to file for the rights to the letter, saying it always felt close to him. “I’m an x-husband, an x-CEO and even father to my child, X. I’ve decided to continue this legacy and call myself the X-man, no one’s ever thought of this before!” he announced in an x-tweet, which unfortunately failed to post because he accidentally closed the browser.

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