Harold Holt finds missing submarine

Former Prime Minister turned underwater hide and seek champion Harold Holt has reportedly found the missing submarine that disappeared while touring the remains of the sunken Titanic.

The reports stemming from this message in a bottle that washed up on the coast of Sydney just hours ago, “When you’ve been in the ocean as long as I have, you know your way around.”

“There’s plenty of good hiding spots near the Titanic, I don’t know why none of the search teams thought to check them? Now all the search teams need to do is just find me.”

This exciting development arises during a desperate search to find the vessel with no beacon that costs $250K to ride, as many countries have pulled out all the stops to find the vessel since rich people are in danger.

The Australian government has responded to this news saying that they are relieved to hear that there is a chance to rescue the victims, before labelling them as ‘submarine people’ and demanded they be sent directly to Nauru.

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