EXCLUSIVE: Orcas speak out about attacks, “Eee ee e eee e ee e”

The focus of international media scrutiny, some labelling their pods as ‘terrorists’, meanwhile others calling them ‘heroes’; the controversial Orca community has been making waves with their attacks recently, but now they finally tell their side of the story.

Speculation as to their motives has been rampant, some have suggested that it is a response to humanities actions that have caused sea temperatures to rise, others theorise that it might be an attempted at class warfare, however others have claimed that the endangered mammals might just be misunderstood and simply want to decorate the ocean with boats like in fish tanks.

But now in an exclusive interview with The Chaser, they tell their story in their own words.

“Eee ee e eee e ee e. Eee e e e. Eeee e ee eee eee. Eee ee ee. E e eeeee.”

“Ee eee e eee eee e, e e e ee. Eee e. E, e ee e.”

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