Asha Leu's Posts

Covid Safe App with loot box
Government back in surplus after CovidSafe introduces loot boxes
"It worked for EA"
John Howard releases glowing character reference for Ghislaine Maxwell
"She's a lively conversationalist"
UN condemns Australia for subjecting Pacific Islands to Home and Away
"That is technically torture"
PM appoints Australian cricket team to lead Coronavirus response
"Good luck boys"
Baboons successfully returned to running the country
Barnaby Joyce is still at large
Prime Minister’s office furiously brainstorming how best to screw up Coronavirus response
"Maybe a holiday?"
Morrison starting to wonder if he’s praying to the wrong God
Turns out the Buddha is pissed
Folau adapts to new French life by blaming Notre Dame fire on gay marriage
"It's the only explanation"
Local man furious he couldn’t celebrate Australia Day by listening an American win the hottest 100
"It's bloody unAustralian!"
Albanese assures Labor faithful that he won’t let government’s recent mishaps stop him from losing next election
"I've got this."
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