Asha Leu's Posts

Morrison starting to wonder if he’s praying to the wrong God
Turns out the Buddha is pissed
Folau adapts to new French life by blaming Notre Dame fire on gay marriage
"It's the only explanation"
Local man furious he couldn’t celebrate Australia Day by listening an American win the hottest 100
"It's bloody unAustralian!"
Albanese assures Labor faithful that he won’t let government’s recent mishaps stop him from losing next election
"I've got this."
Emotional Abbott launches GoFundMe to convince Harry to stick with royals
"Please give generously"
Shock new Daily Telegraph report reveals Iran plane crash caused by Greens
Arsonists are trying to fake global warming by causing planes to explode
Morrison authorises $6 million in emergency funds for Australian cricket team
"It's the least we can do."
Nation celebrates end of year with long, tedious night sobering up in taxi rank queue
"Happy new year!"
Firefighters sent to Canberra to assist with passage of religious discrimination bill
"We need every man we can get"
Silhouette of Scott Morrison assures Australia that all possible aid will be given to New Zealand
"Finally a problem that doesn't involve the climate"
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