DC Book Depository Offers Free Entry in Celebration of Trump Inauguration

It’s a once in a lifetime chance not to be missed. For one day only the DC book depository is getting into the Inauguration spirit and throwing open its doors, offering free entry to the depository’s fifth floor and it’s amazing views directly over Capitol Hill. Visitors will be gifted a complimentary access-all-areas swipe card upon arrival, which will get them entry to all the depository’s most off limits attractions, such as the west-facing windows behind the large stack of cardboard boxes, just right of the fire-exit and the currently malfunctioning security camera. “It’s a really great opportunity for the community to just freely roam around our building, uninhibited by the usual locked doors and security checks,” says the depository’s head of acquisitions Jane Oswald. “I’d really encourage visitors to come along and make the most of our wonderful unabated line-of-sight, looking out over the Inauguration on this special day.” “For the best view I’d recommend making your way to the window at the far end of the building,” she adds, “I must say, there’s some really killer views from that window, and in my opinion it’s the perfect location for our visitors to take some shots at the President as he’s being sworn in. Sorry did I say at? I mean of. How silly of me.”

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