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Bernardi frantically rushes to get anti-discrimination law abolished before PNG refugee arrivals
Corey Bernardi has been frantically rushing to get 18C abolished before the closing of PNG and Nauru camps, hoping to
Census reveals Dutton answered ‘amphibian’ to question on gender
Hackers last night released Peter Dutton’s Census answers, which revealed that he answered “Cold-Blooded Amphibian” to a question regarding his gender.
Chimps begin to grow embarrassed by their close relation to humans
Reports have surfaced this week that Chimpanzees have started denying being related to humans, following a series of humiliating blunders by the human race
Bigotry enthusiast takes time off work to prepare for marriage plebiscite
Local man Sam Wallace has taken time off work in preparation for the upcoming marriage equality plebiscite. He told his
Pell vows to become vegetarian, will still eat meat every day
Cardinal George Pell has vowed to become vegetarian this month, telling a congregation at the vatican, “All beings are equal in
Hanson caught replacing ‘Asian’ with ‘Muslim’ on old One Nation banners
When all else fails, go with what works.
Flatmates of ‘hilarious’ stoner student hope he moves out before he spirals into depression
A philosophy student at Melbourne University has decided to complete his Honour's year while stoned
Local eccentric ‘hasn’t been seen in weeks’
With the election campaign drawing to a close, the Liberal Party has confirmed it has had a troubled Warringah man under virtual house arrest since the campaign began
Woman swallows medicine ball: just gets sicker
A Melbourne woman has questioned the medicinal qualities of 5kg leather balls after demonstrating that, when ingested, they do not
Nationals do most of the swearing at new Cabinet swearing-in
Senator McGauran: has since given the finger to his own side National Party MPs have protested the loss of another

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