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Science students name Seinfeld as fashion icon of the century
For years it has been debated amongst physicists, chemists and rock mechanics. Just who is the style icon who has
2005 Hottest Year on Record according to ‘Who Weekly’
Who Weekly magazine has confirmed what many climate scientists had already suspected: that 2005 was officially the Hottest Year Ever,
Viewer still unsure if Mythbusters are gay
After two seasons of watching Mythbusters, Redfern woman Sue Hooper still hasn’t reached a definitive conclusion about the sexual orientation
Failed suicide bomber jailed: placed on suicide watch
Jordanian authorities fear that failed suicide bomber Sajida Mubarak al-Rishawi, who was taken into custody this week, may try, but
Lame satirical article labours point
A satirical article laboured the point yesterday, merely dragging out the headline for another 300 words, unconfirmed sources reported. As
Sensible cowboy hates being stereotyped
Appalled by the latent prejudice he encounters everyday, ranch-hand Jimmy “Montana” Pitt has launched a one man crusade against those
Washed-up star longs for the days he was a has-been
1980s teen heart-throb Corey Haim longs for the glory days of his failing career, when his name was a still
PM promises shoot-to-kill policy will only be used in emergencies, accidents
“The world changed on 9/11,” Howard said. “Before then I would have needed a good reason to pass these draconian laws.”
Late night TV converts viewer to Christianity
Spurred on by his viewing of pre-dawn television, 41 year-old printer salesman Andrew Smithers has found God. Smithers says that

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