‘Woke’ Australian cricket team strikes again ‘cancelling’ the 5th day of the Boxing Day test match by winning too fast

Outrageous scenes as Australia’s woke men’s cricket team has ‘cancelled’ the 5th day of the Boxing Day test.

Traditionally a test match goes for five days and this match in particular is a time honoured Australian tradition. But sadly, the loony left cricket team hates tradition and Australia so they erased the 5th day from our culture.

It’s plain to see that this just yet another example of the lazy woke brigade forcing a 4 day work week down our throats.

This team went woke along time ago and this attitude will see them going broke just as soon as they stop earning their bonuses from winning all the time.

We have no official confirmation yet but it’s safe to assume that this will somehow be the real reason that café owners who underpay their workers struggle to find new employees!

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