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The Chaser’s Socceroos Drinking Game
To promote responsible drinking, for this year’s World Cup in South Africa, we are pleased to offer you two levels
Andrew Johns soils Rugby League’s untarnished image
Rugby League fans were shocked this week, by the unbelievable revelation that an overpaid, understimulated sportsman with plenty of free
Iraq win Asian Cup: celebratory gunfire to continue indefinitely
"No team has more experience with shootouts"
Thorpe makes plans for Beijing Olympics: buys new couch
Ian Thorpe announced today that he would be retiring from competitive swimming. The news was greeted with immense disappointment in
Aussie cyclists silence critics with suspiciously strong Games performance
[Edition 89] “This amazing performance will silence all of those who’ve questioned whether we took illegal substances,” said one cyclist.
Al Qaeda planning token, feel-good attack on Paralympics
[Edition 89] “We normally leave attacks on people in wheelchairs to the Israelis, but it is for a good cause,”
IOC finds Al Qaeda more prepared for Olympics than Athens
[Edition 87] An investigation by the International Olympic Committee has discovered that the Athens organisers are lagging well behind the
Bradbury inspires Aussie athletes to stop trying in bid for gold
[Edition 52] SALT LAKE CITY, Monday: Following the miraculous victory of speed skater Stephen Bradbury in the 1000m race in
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