Sonia Kruger slams Paralympics as ‘reverse discrimination’

MORNING television host Sonia Kruger has again created outrage, this time suggesting that the 2016 Paralympics are a gross example of ‘reverse discrimination’. Kruger claims that an athlete’s identity as disabled or able bodied “should have no impact on the awarding of gold medals”. “I think those gold medals should be given on merit,” Kruger exclaimed. “We should be letting these athletes compete on a level playing field – because if the field slants downhill it gives an advantage to those in wheelchairs.” “They already get pensions and the parking spots closest to the shops, how many more incentives is our society willing to provide for disabled people to continue their ways? Where do we draw the line? Nick Kyrgios withdrew from the Olympic team but he’ll probably just going to try out for the Paralympics by saying he’s got ADD.” “We should be keeping our disabled athletes where they’ve always belonged – in the NRL and AFL.”

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