Scott Morrison spotted at Ikea asking for advice on how to keep Cabinet from falling apart

Prime Minister and DIY enthusiast Scott Morrison has been spotted at IKEA asking employees for advice on how to make a sturdy Cabinet after his last few attempts just keep falling apart.

“I have tried to follow the instructions but things just wont seem to hold together,” the self-declared handy-man said, “I don’t know what the issue is with this cabinet.”

“I swear it’s like the parts are faulty, it definitely isn’t my skills. No matter where I slot these things they still seem to not work and as soon I try to use the cabinet it just completely falls apart.”

“It’s not just this specific one, I have tried multiple brand new cabinets and something just goes wrong. They barely hold up long enough for my camera guy to take a picture of me with it.”

“I don’t know maybe there is just a few screws loose or something. Got any advice? I am desperate.”


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