Royal Commission pleads for Jenny Morrison to have a chat with Scott about Robodebt

The Robodebt Royal Commission has begged unpaid empathy consultant Jenny Morrison to have one of her famous chats with her husband, aspiring Sharkies mascot Scott Morrison, about whether Robodebt was wrong.

This comes after the cruel inhumane system that methodically worked to unfairly destroy the lives of those in need refused to accept the findings regarding his role in the Robodebt scandal that cost many people their lives.

“We hear Jenny has a way of explaining these things,” said a representative, “well not enough for Scott to take responsibility for anything or actually care, but at least enough to temporarily pretend to.”

“The problem we are having right now seems to be that he isn’t a father of anyone who was harassed by the Robodebt system, so it’s hard to explain to him that the victims are humans who deserve empathy and respect.”

In response, Mr Morrison has said he is ready and willing to co-operate with any important demands from the national anti-corruption commission investigation right after he gets back from his emergency trip to Hawaii.

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