PM explains he is too busy to listen to Tame and Higgins as he has an important curry to attend to

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told reporters today that he plans to skip the upcoming Press Club appearance featuring Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins, claiming that he is unfortunately far too busy. “I just have some very important curry related business to attend leading up to the election,” explained Morrison while hanging up on a call from the aged care minister. “Plus you know these chicken coups won’t build themselves.” “There is a lot to do around here. I have to cook some curry, build a cubby house, drive a truck in hi-vis, butcher some meat, barbecue the meat and I have a hair appointment at that exact time anyway. She wants a full wash, colour and cut, it is going to take me loads of time.” “I mean, I already apologised once. This time I actually said the word ‘sorry’ too, the empathy consultant worked overtime to get me to that point.” The PM has also also clarified that the reason he told Liberal Party ministers not to attend or watch the appearance is that they too are very busy, “between letting schools discriminate against kids, leaking texts, and handing money to the coal lobby, our party is simply too busy to listen to those ladies. Luckily Jenny can just fill us in on the details.”

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