PM admits that banning teens from social media is actually just so he can avoid getting grilled by 6 News

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has finally admitted that the real reason he wants to ban teenagers from using social media is out of fear of being grilled by the team at 6 News before the next federal election.

“We need to ban teens from social media to combat bullying,” said the Prime Minister, “specifically the bullying of poor defenceless politicians who are all sitting at home terrified of those teenagers at 6 News.”

“It doesn’t matter which of them interview you, they have this weird thing where if we avoid a question, they re-ask it instead of just letting us say whatever talking point we want to say. This ban would mean politicians are safe from that nonsense as we will only need to interact with the Canberra press pack.”

“Some may say we can just switch off, but that is not realistic advice anymore and is just victim blaming.”

“Politicians already do everything we can to avoid 6 News. There is a reason this press conference is held during school hours and I won’t reappear until after the Prime Possum sends those kids to bed. But I say we shouldn’t have to hide anymore, enough is enough!”

Opposition leader Dutton said that the move by the Prime Minister has his bipartisan support, explaining “those children have a pro-fact bias that serves as a real danger to the democratic process.”

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