NSW Health asks everyone to just stop having covid

NSW Health have announced new recommendations for fighting the Omicron outbreak, urging all residents to just stop having covid and simply move on from the virus all together.

This comes following mounting criticism from the public of NSW Health and Premier Perrottet regarding the loosening of enforced covid restrictions as the number of infected people continues to rise, with Perrottet now reminding the public that contact tracing and masks would not be necessary if the public just doesn’t have covid anymore.

“It’s clear that the best course of action to stop the spread of covid is to reduce contact with the virus,” said Brad Hazzard, “so if everyone could please stop all contact with it by just not having it anymore it would be greatly appreciated.”

“We all need to take responsibility for our actions; that is why I urge everyone who can go get a booster shot to go to a vaccination clinic and get one, and for those who have covid to just stop having it. It is the simple things that you all can do to help stop the spread of the virus.”

When asked why the recommendation is not mandatory, Perrottet told reporters that “if we introduce new restrictions it will upset our donors and the media would slam us for backflipping. Everyone has a part to play in these decisions, not just health experts. I can’t just throw away an election like that by changing my mind now.”


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