Miranda Devine hires Youtuber to help her fake a sincere apology

Alleged journalist and professional disabled-child bully Miranda Devine has today sought out help for making a convincing yet not-at-all sincere apology online, hiring experts in the field known as ‘Youtubers with Child Audiences’. Commonly referred to as ‘douchetubers’, the professional trolls who develop a career around doing morally indefensible in order to drive engagement on their product placements have become frequent apologists on YouTube, to the point where they now have the insincere apology down to a fine art and are sought out to advise other media on how to best fake saying sorry. With their help Miranda Devine has uploaded a video to YouTube ‘sincerely’ apologising for her actions, called “I messed up – defame a child prank gone wrong [apology] [not clickbait]”. “First and most importantly I apologise to my fans,” sobbed Devine in the video. “There is no excuses or defences on my end. All I was doing was sharing and supporting other people’s baseless accusations, as well as publicising these allegations and saying they were real. I don’t think it was defamation on my end or my fault, but again I take full responsibility, unless the judge in my defamation case is hearing this, in which case no I do not.” “Also, to the kid and family I made up allegations about in order to ruin their lives and boost my profile. I am sorry! After speaking to my lawyer, I have decided completely on my own and definitely not because I have to, that I soon may be giving the family a lot of money for defaming them. I pinkie-promise I will do better in the future.” Speaking as the employers of Devine, a representative for News Corporation said they were also sorry about the incident, “This kind of racism is completely unacceptable,” explained the editor. “Our audiences can rest assured that we will go to great lengths to make sure it will happen again.”

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