Minimum wage worker who had to ‘live with covid’ surprised to see the PM isn’t going to work this week

As Prime Minister Scott Morrison continues to stay home to rest and isolate while suffering from covid-19, minimum wage workers who were forced to go to work with the virus have expressed confused as to why he isn’t making a sacrifice for the economy by going work still. These ‘essential workers’ who risked losing their job if they called in sick due to the plague virus, were surprised to see the PM is spending a week doing nothing at home instead working through it by spending the time in his parliamentary office doing nothing, all while continuing to be paid his $550k a year salary “I cannot believe that Scott Morrison would be so selfish,” said Alex while stacking supermarket shelves, “it’s completely out of character for him. I mean, whatever happened to ‘learning to live with covid’? Don’t tell me actually living with covid isn’t something everyone can just do?” “I know he is preventing the virus from spreading around his workplace by staying home, but actually that isn’t actually very responsible. If we can work in a busy supermarket with covid, then the PM can put can-do-capitalism ahead of his own needs and go to Parliament House. What a lazy bludger!” “Does he not care about the rich people who will suffer due to his selfishness? I assume he has some meetings planned with Barnaby, as well as lunch dates with Gina and the Murdochs. Don’t cancel those just because you want to avoid giving them covid, think about what the country needs and go to those. It’s time to stare covid down!”

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