Liberal Party delivers 40th successive Newspoll win for coal industry

The Liberal Party has delivered its 40th successive win for the coal industry, according to Newspoll figures released today.

Despite polls indicating 85% of Australians want more action on climate change, the Liberal Party held firm on its electorally disastrous policy supporting the dying industry.

“Look, even we’re surprised by the Liberal Party’s willingness to deliver for us,” said a spokesperson for the Minerals Council of Australia. “We’d never planned to have this many wins in a row. It’s almost as if they’d prefer to take our donations than win the election.”

The latest Newspoll figures out today shows the Government trailing the Labor Party by 12 points on a two-party preferred basis. But a spokesperson for the coal industry said they weren’t too concerned with a change in government. “Let’s face it, the Labor Party are always pretty disappointing once they get in anyway,” said one coal mining executive. “Besides, if they do try anything, we’ll just run a TV ad campaign against them. It worked last time. The Labor Party are terrified of television commercials.”


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