“It’s a medical miracle,” 60 year old man suddenly grows spine

The medical community has been left in shock after 60 year old Anthony Albanese miraculously grew a spine while facing the press pack in Canberra earlier today.

“This man has been a medical marvel for years,” said one doctor, “I mean a man who had no spine and seem entirely held up by focus groups and ego, we weren’t sure how he was even able to breathe without having a team of staffers check how the media wanted him to take a breath.”

“Sadly we thought all hope was lost and it would be impossible for him to ever show a semblance of a spine. But miraculously he grew one live on tv while journalists were asking him why he is only giving the richest people in the country $4.5k and opting to increase the amount he is giving middle income earners. I mean even on this issue he had years of being completely spineless. It’s truly a miracle.”

However the doctors did regret their hard work, fearing they may have their own Frankenstein’s Monster after he started to argue with some journalists saying that he won’t back down on not focusing on helping the poor during an inflation crisis.

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