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Sky News demands Australia reduce anti-Semitism and go back to good old islamaphobia
"Lets get back to the basics"
Pete Evans to collab with Gold Coast hairdresser on new tin foil hat line
It's got great 5G reception
Virgin launch new frequent dier programme
"It's to die for"
Local banker forced to defraud 2 more grandmas a week following cocaine price hike
"It's tough work"
Pot calls kettle racist
Oh wait that's just a mirror
Man who looks like a potato sues social media user for defamation
"Free speech doesn't apply in my case" said the potato looking man
Banned from Facebook, Craig Kelly forced to turn to OnlyFans to spread conspiracies
The massive cock will be a perfect fit
Scott Morrison reassures the nation that he has received his vaccine
"The important thing is I'm safe"
George Christensen steps down from politics to spend less time on holiday in the Philippines
"I need to focus on my electorate"
“Men don’t need consent lessons” claims guy who wrote love letters to students
'Not all men are rapists so no kids should learn what consent is'
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