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Mike Cannon-Brookes is very smart and good looking and also he smells really good and has a lovely personality
Also he has lots of money
Policeman makes sure to turn off bodycam before behaving reasonably
“There’s no way the boys at the station should have to see this”
Facebook to avoid paying for news by just browsing in incognito mode
"Checkmate SMH"
Scott Morrison already negatively gearing cubbyhouse
"This should pay for itself"
Chris Kenny fires writer after pitching an idea that isn’t batshit
"No, it needs to be three times more insane."
Western Australia polishes up ceremonial guillotine to celebrate arrival of Clive Palmer
"We can't wait for him to arrive"
New Baby Boom: Treasurer tells nation to get fucked
"You can all get screwed" announced Frydenberg today
Morrison announces JobKeeper will downgrade to 3 hugs a day from September
And one avocado a week
PM’s media advisers brainstorm ways to shift blame for bushfires on to Safe Schools, Muslims
"We'll even blame the Greens if we have to!"
Scott Morrison concerned climate protests are making apocalypse a bit inconvenient
"Can't you let us all die in peace"
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