History made as local shopper manages entire shop without self-service having a meltdown

In a feat that left onlookers stunned this evening, local shopper Grace McBuy has managed to somehow do a full grocery shop without the self-service machine needing assistance from someone who works at the store.

A human achievement many thought to be as impossible as using a turn signal on a BMW, Grace has proved the science community wrong by not once having the machine think that air is an unexpected item.

“I can’t believe it finally happened,” she told the press while holding back tears of joy. “I’ve waited so long for this moment. I was worried I wouldn’t make it, there was one close shave there where it started not to notice the barcodes, but we held strong and made it through.”

“I want to thank my mum who showed me how to use a self-service checkout, my partner Dave who has always stuck by me while I wait for the staff member to notice, sigh and press a few buttons to get the machine working again, and of course God who gave me the will to keep going.”

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