Government wastes hundreds of thousands of dollars on gas energy plant

The Australian Government has come under fire for wasting taxpayer money on a gas energy plant, colloquially known as “Angus Taylor”. Outdated, unreliable, planet destroying and driven by hot air, the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reductions is just the latest example of government wasting taxpayer money on a fossil fuel plant.

“We should be looking into new, secure, environmentally safe and economically sound solutions, not paying for failing fossil fuel plants. These plants do enormous damage to our waterways too.”

“How that plant could get so much money from the government while clearly being a completely terrible choice is beyond me,” said one local voter.

“How many police investigations, forged documents, government overspends and shady business deals before we cut the funding to the plant? I mean come on, before taxpayers were handing over money to them, they moved their business over to a tax haven! What, the ABC had to sell their news vans but we have money to waste on this crap? It’s a fucking scam!”

In response to the backlash and pressure from stakeholders in the fossil fuel lobbying industry, Angus Taylor released an official statement on social media saying, “Fantastic. Great move. Well done Angus.”


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