Gladys Berejiklian ‘invents new amazing Covid response’ of doing what everyone else did

Eccentric ideas mogul and thought leader Gladys Berejiklian has received widespread praise for inventing an amazing new way to respond to Covid-19 by using both lockdowns and vaccines, a never before seen tactic unless you count the countries that did exactly that throughout the past year.

“What a revolutionary tactic she has created,” said Norman Swan who presumably has insider knowledge of Gladys’ time travel capabilities, “how did she come up with this tactic? Lockdown and vaccines, who knew you could use both? Hats off to her, she only took 3 weeks to come up with something this amazing.”

“Why didn’t Dan Andrews try this last year?” asked another presenter during some useful analysis. “Not dictatorial enough for him maybe? Gladys locked people down and rolled out vaccines, did Dan not think to use the vaccines available at the time?”

In response to this praise, filthy disgusting scum who broke covid guidelines and face potential fines by ‘going to work so they can pay rent and eat food’ have been heard telling the unvaccinated ADF soldiers going door-to-door looking for tip-offs during an airborne pandemic that they “love this lockdown, it’s so perfect now”.


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